Research shows that over 2% of the average annual turnover “disappears” from the bottom line, due to incorrect management, theft, disorganization and embezzlement at any scale. Preventing business loss is obligatory for every business that wants to maximize its revenues.

For over twenty years the company has specialized in reducing the business losses and coping with business threats. Identifying the sources of spillovers including establishing and monitoring security systems, risk surveys, employee reliability checks and implementation of work regulations.

Our goal is one – protecting the profitability of the organization and its assets.

Conducting and managing risk surveys

Strict examination of the different work processes on all levels of the organization, including the supply chain, storage and distribution facilities and the collecting and conveying system, so as  to locate business risks, weak spots and managerial and operational failures.

  • Locating business risks, weak spots and managerial and operational failures
  • Developing and creating policies and work regulations in the field of preventing losses
  • Auditing and monitoring implementation of new, secure work regulations
  • Managerial and employee training on the subject of loss prevention
  • Providing tools to deal with threats that can cause financial loss

Securing the supply chain

A deep, systematic treatment of risks and threats to the organization’s assets, by creating security systems and protection throughout the whole chain of activity.

  • Physical security – Protecting the company facilities from external threats
  • Logistic security – protecting the logistic chain from embezzlement and failure of internal or external sources to implement work regulations.
  • Information security – protecting confidential information that is kept, processed or transferred within the organization.

Locating fraud and embezzlement

Employee fraud and embezzlement are one of the main factors that harm organizational profits. Early detection of this phenomenon will lessen the expected financial damages.

  • Locating and dealing with thefts by employees, suppliers or clients
  • Employee reliability tests
  • Investigations and questioning while attempting to return financial losses

Operational inspections

Thorough inspections for examining the implementation of work regulations according to strict, essential standards as a way of deterrence, enforcement and exposing impairments.

  • Inventory inspections
  • Inventory/cash-register inspections crosschecked by a computerized report
  • Physical security inspections
  • Supply and transport inspections

Deciphering filmed evidence

Analyzing filmed evidence from various activity sites.

  • Locating employee embezzlement crosschecked by accounting reports
  • Locating client theft
  • Analyzing and documenting work processes
  • Filmed evidence for examining claims and complaints

Polygraph Tests

Test for employees.

  • use to investigate suspicion
  • use as pre emloement test
  • use as pre emloyment for sensitive posision